How to Vape: Amateurs’ Guide

Are you looking for how to vape? The Internet has created many opportunities for people who want to take their vapes to new heights and beyond, and it’s actually quite easy to do. In fact, it can be very interesting to see what other people are up to. Here are some tips on how to finally get that perfect Vapor!

Selection of e-Juice –

You’ve probably seen people walking around with electronic cigarettes. Many people don’t understand how to vaporize properly. Vaping from Nord Smok is simply the act of breathing smoke-looking steam from an electronic cigarette or even “vaping” using a special type of vaporizer. A lot of vapes include an e juice that is what comes out of the bottle; basically, this is flavored e juice which gives your vaporizer’s your particular flavor. A good quality vaporizer will make the entire process very smooth.

How to Put Your Coil Back In –

After you have taken the first puff, put the battery back in your electronic cigarette, being careful to not put the coil into the metal casing of the electronic cigarette. Now, place the dry coil in the metal casing and carefully snap the rubber band around it to secure it. Now put the metal clip where the coil will go on your battery and put the battery into the electrical box, being careful to not touch the coil with anything. Put the cap back on the battery and turn the switch on. It will take about 10 seconds for your battery to warm up.

How to Vaporize –

With the temperature of your device at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to start puffing away with Myle Dubai. As you take a puff, your coil will heat up from the cell it’s plugged into. As your coil heats up, the air will start to permeate through the insides of the coil and into your lungs. You want to start puffing at a medium pace, inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs.


If you reach the point where the liquid reaches your mouth and you no longer feel a sensation of heat on your lips or throat, then your mod is either too small or your airflow is off. If this occurs, re-adjust your airflow until you start feeling things like coolness and moisture on your lips and throat again. Adjusting your airflow is very important if you want to learn how to vape.