Things you need to know about gastric surgery

There are a lot of people who fail to lose their weight and then they will get only two choices in their life, whether they can opt for surgery or they will have poor unhealthy life or premature death. Obviously, no one will want to have that  so people go to search for the best general surgeon Dubai to get their surgery done. When you are in dire need of that surgery especially if you develop diabetes due to obesity then you have to first get complete information about mini gastric bypass Dubai and you will get the answers of a few things here:

Is it serious to have that surgery?

It is a major operation in which your stomach will get some changes in order to make that smaller and sometimes there will be risks associated with the surgery and you may get the infections and blood clots in your body which will then create some major problems in your body. Some people will not get any kind of problem but all of them will have supplement vitamins for rest of their life.

Who you should select as your surgeon?

You need to take care in this regard and make sure that you are selecting the right surgeon (well experienced) for your surgery otherwise you may have complications or  even lose your life during or after the surgery due to the complications. You need to search the best surgeon in town for this specific cause and if you do not find any then you have to search in other cities but never go to any unqualified or irrelevant surgeon who assures you that he can do that work.

Who can go for surgery?

It is also an important question because you have to be eligible for receiving this surgery otherwise the risks will be greater. You have to be more obese than a regular one like. You have to be 35 BMI or more or / and have some weight associated problems like heart problems and high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, sleep apnea, high cholesterol etc otherwise you will not get the surgery so you have to first think about all these and then decide or you have to go for endoscopic procedure like Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) with the help of weightlosssurgery Dubai which makes stomach permanently smaller like that happens after sleeve surgery but without surgery.